Stylish, robust, practical, affordable: Ceramin is the perfect tile alternative to ceramic and natural stone

Material is made of recycled material and 100 percent recyclable

KaiserseschWith its Ceramin® Tiles collection, the Classen Group has created a completely new tile category. The healthy and 100 percent recyclable alternative to ceramic tiles and natural stone saves several thousand tons of CO2 per year through the use of recycled materials. What also makes the tiles particularly attractive for DIY enthusiasts and craftsmen: Ceramin® is comparatively thin, significantly lighter than ceramic tiles and therefore very easy to install. The new collection will be presented at the end of September on the occasion of the ceramics and bathroom trade fair Cersaie in Bologna, but can already be purchased from selected specialist dealers. 

Quick renovation with healthy living, recyclable, robust tiles

Ceramin® Tiles have been produced and continuously developed by the Classen Group since 2020. They consist almost exclusively of stone powder and completely harmless plastic (polypropylene), which in turn contains a high proportion of recyclates. But Ceramin® is far more than "just" a resource-saving alternative to classic materials. Thanks to the material's properties, the tiles are above all practical and easy to process. For example, despite their size of 2.55 meters x 1.20 meters, the XXL decors weigh only 15 kilograms, making them significantly lighter than ceramic tiles, and they can be laid by one person alone.

Minimal renovation effort thanks to connection on existing tiles

"Due to the product properties, Ceramin® is actually a completely new tile category for us," says Stefan Müller, Managing Director of "Müller - die Badgestalter" and member of SHK eG. "Ceramin® tiles create a pleasant living feeling. The surface is warmer than ceramic or stone and the decors deliver an authentic natural stone look." Most importantly, Ceramin® Tiles are designed for easy and quick installation. "Ceramin® Tiles are easy to maintain because they have no joints, only exposed edges," adds Müller. The tiles are available with a tongue and groove system and with straight edges for traditional tile joints. They can be installed without dust or noise, flexibly adjusted with a cutter knife and have very short drying times. Most importantly, they can also be applied to old, existing tile mirrors. The effort required for the renovation of complete bathrooms or individual wet areas is thus minimal. 

Ceramin® tiles are completely dimensionally stable. This means that they are dimensionally stable, UV-resistant and waterproof. In addition, the slip resistance (rating group R10/B) is identical to other high-quality ceramic and natural stone tiles. Ceramin® tiles can be easily cleaned with all commercially available cleaning agents.

Bild: CERAMIN Tiles

Made in Germany: Ceramin® - Upcycling and Recycling in Perfection

Ceramin® is manufactured in Germany. The formula and the production have been patented by the Classen Group. The formulation was developed in-house, so there is 100% control over all ingredients. Ceramin® consists mainly of natural mineral filler and polyolefins, mainly polypropylene (PP).  More than 60% of the plastic content in Ceramin® already consists of recyclates. This use of recyclates (130,000 tons/p.a.) saves the Classen Group more than 30,000 tons of CO2 annually. As a member of the Circular Plastics Alliance, we thus actively contribute to the climate targets of the EU.

In addition, Ceramin® products are 100 percent recyclable. The purchase thus becomes a conscious decision for an unpolluted future for present and future generations.

Image: Recycling Material

In addition, Ceramin® products are 100 percent recyclable. The purchase thus becomes a conscious decision for an unpolluted future for present and future generations.

You can find the brochure of the Ceramin® Tiles collection hier.

You can find the brochure of the Ceramin® Tiles collection hier anschauen.

You can download suitable image material hier herunterladen and use freely.

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