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Certified Energy Management

Since 2011, an energy management system (EnMS) according to DIN EN ISO 50.001 has been introduced and certified at our locations.

The energy management system

The energy management system ensures "conscious handling" of all our energy sources.

The aim of the management system is the continuous improvement of the specific energy consumption.

In order to achieve this goal, the CLASSEN Group identifies potential savings of energy sources, which also lead to a protection of the environment - as little energy / m² as possible - electricity, heat, cooling & compressed air.

The CLASSEN Group is committed to making its processes environmentally friendly and profitable by continuously improving its energy-related performance, taking into account economic, organizational and technical aspects.

Through information and training, we promote energy-conscious behavior among our employees inside and outside our company.

Projects to increase energy efficiency

600 Degrees

CLASSEN's hellfire is over 600 degrees The waste produced in the process (wood chips, wood dust, ...) is completely used to operate the company's own biomass power plant in Baruth to provide the energy required for the production process.

The energy from the power plant is completely converted into heat and then reused in the manufacturing process.

All the thermal energy required for the production process of the HDF boards is generated directly on the location in a biomass heating power plant with a capacity of 80 MW.

Rainer Hück

Head of Energy Management

What we at CLASSEN do for the future of our children

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