"Many of our employees bring in constructive opinions and contributions, which we decide on at short notice. We don't adjourn, but discuss, come to a decision and implement it."

Dr. Hans-Jürgen Hannig
Founder and Managing Director of the CLASSEN Group

One Team - one Vision.

At CLASSEN, around 2,000 people work day after day to make our lives a little better. They develop ideas, optimise processes and give their best. Not only for the best products, but also for the future of their children and future generations on a planet worth living on.

Those who work at CLASSEN think not only about today, but also about tomorrow. And that is encouraged here. Ever since 1967, when ten employees laid the foundation stone for one of the world's most modern and environmentally friendly manufacturers of healthy floor coverings with production designed for sustainability.

CLASSEN Group Corporate Blog

"I still see many opportunities in my career that I hope to achieve. So I think a few years of my work experience in this company will eventually become a few dozen."

Elena Jadczuk
Controlling and Finance Manager at CLASSEN Pol

Career at CLASSEN

You too can become part of the CLASSEN team. Be it at the beginning of your professional career in your training with us or as a valuable colleague with professional experience.

Carsten Buhlmann

Managing Director CLASSEN Industries GmbH

20 years in Baruth - how we became part of the region

When CLASSEN started in Baruth / Mark, nobody knew us there. Today we are one of the most important employers in the region. I will describe how this came about in a retrospective.

André Hennig

Managing Director Fiberboard GmbH

How to become one of the best works in the world

What makes a good production location? For me, the answer is clear and I am happy to give it in my blog post.