CLASSEN Group and Hündgen Group found HC Plastics GmbH

Kaisersesch, Swisttal-Ollheim. The two family-owned companies W. Classen GmbH & Co. KG, one of the world's leading manufacturers of floor coverings in the laminate and polymer flooring sectors, and Hündgen Entsorgungs GmbH & Co. KG, operators of recyclable material sorting plants, have jointly founded HC Plastics GmbH. The aim is to bundle the respective know-how from the recycling sector and the industrial production of plastic-based floor coverings and, if possible, to use it in the future in the areas of raw material collection and product development. The common motto is "Recycling meets Industry, Industry meets Recycling".

The CLASSEN Group was founded in 1949 and is one of the world's leading manufacturers of floor coverings in the laminate and polymer flooring sectors. As the owner of numerous patents and utility models, the CLASSEN Group is one of the innovation leaders in the industry. The family-run company is responsible for almost 2,000 employees. Part of its philosophy is to develop products that do not harm people or the environment. For example, the CLASSEN Group was the first manufacturer worldwide to produce vinyl flooring free of PVC and plasticisers. The basis for this is the self-developed material CERAMIN. All products of the CLASSEN Group have been awarded the renowned environmental seal "Der Blaue Engel". The sites in Germany have a production capacity of almost 100 million square metres and thus supply the international trade with high-quality flooring.

After its foundation in 1949, the Hündgen Group developed from a transport and logistics company in the supply and disposal sector to a technology leader in the field of recycling management. The company specialises in sorting packaging waste from households and benefits from almost 30 years of experience. The group has more than 400,000 tonnes of treatment capacity, nationwide. The sorted recyclable materials are mainly recycled in the company's own recycling plants and processed into industrial primary products. Hündgen is particularly innovative and technologically advanced and, as a provider of ideas, is constantly setting new standards in the recycling industry.


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Ламинированный пол CLASSEN с проверенной системой быстрой укладки megaloc теперь еще лучше защищен от проникновения воды в местах стыков, даже во влажных помещениях. Благодаря новой технологии мегало-аква-защиты напольные покрытия выдерживают частые нагрузки во время уборки или даже стоячие жидкости с отличными результатами в испытаниях NALFA.

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