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New CERAMIN range Nuva: The CLASSEN Group presents a holistic concept for PVC-free design floors for clicking or gluing down

Kaisersesch, April 03, 2023 - The CLASSEN Group announces the upcoming launch of its latest CERAMIN range, Nuva. Nuva presents customers with a holistic concept for PVC-free flooring that enables both clicking and gluing and meets the highest quality standards. CERAMIN, a material developed by the CLASSEN Group, is already well-known on the market for its exceptional environmental and health-friendly properties. CERAMIN is free of PVC, plasticizers or other stabilizers. It is also 100% recyclable, extremely dimensionally stable and contributes to a healthy indoor climate.

With a total of 59 decors, Nuva offers an impressive variety of options. All decors are available in the adhesive version, while 41 of them are also available in the click version. The decors are spread across five sub-collections, which offer customers different qualities and dimensions to meet the various needs and requirements of a wide range of applications. All sub-collections are beveled on four sides, usually with a bevel in the wear layer, which makes the color and design of the plank visible in the bevel and eliminates the need for additional lacquering. In addition to flexibility in design, Nuva also offers flexibility in application - from service class 32 (Nuva Essential) to the industrial sector with class 42 (Dryback products).

The official launch of Nuva is planned for the second quarter of 2024. For the launch, the in-house marketing team has developed a comprehensive concept for retailers that includes a variety of marketing materials for sampling. This will enable CLASSEN retailers to effectively showcase the benefits and diversity of the Nuva range and offer their customers an exceptional shopping experience.

In addition to the launch of Nuva, the CLASSEN Group recently published its first Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). The results of the EPD confirm that the CLASSEN Group's products deliver outstanding performance in the contract and project business. By developing advanced production processes and selecting sustainable materials, such as the use of secondary raw materials, the company minimizes its environmental impact and actively contributes to environmental protection.

"The launch of Nuva marks a significant milestone for the CLASSEN Group and our ongoing mission to provide innovative and high quality flooring," commented Patrick Pohl, Head of Product Management at the CLASSEN Group. "We are proud that Nuva not only offers aesthetically pleasing options, but is also environmentally friendly and healthy for living. We look forward to bringing the benefits of Nuva to our customers and enriching their living and working environments."

For more information about the CERAMIN Nuva range and other CLASSEN Group products, please visit the official websites:

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