Showtime in Las Vegas: Sustainability award for CERAMIN

"That's great!" says a delighted Derek Welbourn, Director of Sales and Marketing for North America at CLASSEN. At "The International Surface Event" in Las Vegas, one of the world's largest trade fairs for floor coverings with 600 exhibitors, the CLASSEN Group received the "Best of Sustainability / Disruption 2022" award for its CERAMIN floor coverings. The jury of experts recognized CERAMIN as a particularly ecological and health-conscious innovation in the flooring industry that is capable of replacing previous technologies and products.

Image: Sustainability Award

Derek Welbourn: "With CERAMIN, yesterday's yogurt cup is today's vinyl flooring and tomorrow's garden chair. This is unique and new in our industry. We are therefore proud that our products, and with them the years of work by our developers at CLASSEN, have been recognized with the "Best of Sustainability / Disruption 2022" award. And we are convinced that CERAMIN is the material of the future."

Image: CLASSEN @inhaus

The CERAMIN material is plastic-based, 100 percent recyclable and is made from recycled materials, among other things. The proportion of recycled material in the overall product is 25 percent. Rejects in production are directly reused in their entirety. The material was developed from the outset in such a way that it can be taken over completely into the recycling cycle. CLASSEN is therefore also actively involved in the circular economy of plastic products and is continuously expanding cooperations with various partners worldwide.

By using it in CERAMIN, a so-called upcycling of the recyclates into a high-quality product with a long service life takes place. These recyclates consist, for example, of packaging from the medical sector or food packaging. The use of recyclates in CERAMIN currently reduces the amount of crude oil used in the production of polymers by 25,000 tons per year.

CERAMIN consists of 60% natural mineral filler and 40% polypropylene-based polymers. Thus, no PVC is used, so there is no chlorine, phthalates or other plasticizers. The material is therefore emission-free, i.e. no pathogenic additives are emitted. CERAMIN products from CLASSEN meet the requirements of the eco Institute label and the German government's "Blue Angel" environmental seal, which is only awarded to wall and floor coverings without PVC.

When used as a CERAMIN board for wall and floor coverings, the material allows a low installation height and is therefore also particularly suitable for renovations as well as refurbishments. It is suitable for use in almost all interior areas, even in wet rooms. Its advantages are its robustness, durability and resistance to moisture, and it is also UV-resistant.

An overview of CERAMIN-based floor coverings from CLASSEN can be found here:

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