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CLASSEN Group announces the upcoming launch of "CERAMIN Flex" - your first PVC-free dryback product for the contract sector

Kaisersesch, 09 November 2023 - The CLASSEN Group, a pioneer in the development of technologically innovative DIY floor coverings, announces that it will launch its first PVC-free dryback product for the contract sector towards the end of this year. The CLASSEN Group has made a name for itself in recent years through the development of pioneering technologies and is now setting new standards in the flooring industry with "CERAMIN Flex".

The increasing demand for environmentally friendly and PVC-free floor coverings has inspired the CLASSEN Group to further deepen its commitment to sustainable innovation. The CLASSEN Group's success story began with the establishment of the world's largest laminate flooring factory in the early 2000s. Over the years, CLASSEN has shaped the industry with innovations and the invention of new patents, setting the highest quality standards. Eight years ago, CLASSEN developed the revolutionary PVC-free material "CERAMIN", which is used in healthy and sustainable design flooring. This milestone ultimately laid the foundation for a worldwide demand for PVC-free floor coverings.

The use of CERAMIN in a dryback product required new investments at CLASSEN. In this context, the CLASSEN Group commissioned its first die-cutter at the end of October in order to offer a wide range of design options in the contract business in future. The variety of designs is not only achieved through various new formats, but above all because CLASSEN has been a pioneer in the field of industrial digital printing for years. The combination of CERAMIN and the possibilities of digital printing opens up unique potential for the contract sector, which is why the development of a PVC-free floor covering suitable for contract use was the next logical step for the innovative family business.

Bild: Digitaldrucktechnologie Classen

"The launch of our PVC-free dryback flooring is an exciting step for the CLASSEN Group. We have always focussed on innovation and sustainability and this product is a natural extension of our commitment to environmentally and health friendly solutions. We are confident that our customers and partners will appreciate the benefits and design freedom that this product offers," says Céline Quervel, Head of Marketing for the CLASSEN Group.

Bild: Céline Quervel

To ensure that the new product fulfils the high quality standards of the CLASSEN Group and meets the demands of the contract sector, the company has already entered into important partnerships with well-known industry giants. These strategic alliances will ensure the successful launch and long-term acceptance of the new product.

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