The CLASSEN Group sets an example for the future: New foundation of the sustainability department

Kaisersesch, 11 September 2023. A significant step towards sustainability is announced today by the CLASSEN Group. The family-owned company, which has focused on the development of sustainable and environmentally conscious products since its foundation, is now underlining its commitment to a greener future by establishing its own sustainability department. This is not only the CLASSEN Group's response to the growing demand for environmentally friendly products, but also illustrates the company's long-standing sustainability philosophy that has been nurtured over generations.

Throughout the CLASSEN Group, there is a cross-generational commitment to sustainability that is anchored at all levels of the company. In order to better coordinate previous individual measures from different divisions, the company is now establishing its own sustainability department to clearly define, consistently pursue and effectively implement sustainability goals. This department will be headed by Sebastian Wendel, who has already contributed significantly to the company's sustainable orientation for many years and is continuously developing it further. He will be supported by Julie Quervel, granddaughter of the company's founder, who will assume responsibility for monitoring and maintaining the sustainability key figures in her controlling function in the future. Their contribution ensures that the CLASSEN Group not only achieves its sustainability goals, but also continues to act as an industry pioneer in this important area.

So far, the CLASSEN Group's commitment to sustainability has manifested itself primarily in the consistent orientation of product development, the design of energy-efficient plants and the construction of renewable energy. In this context, the company attaches particular importance to the development of products that are compatible with health and the environment, all of which are certified with the Blue Angel due to their minimal pollution. The establishment of the sustainability department is further proof of the company's consistent commitment to a better future. "We firmly believe that sustainability is not only an obligation, but also an opportunity for innovation and growth," says Sebastian Wendel. "With our new sustainability department, we not only want to minimise our environmental footprint, but also run our business ethically and bring about positive change in society."

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