The first waterproof laminate flooring with quick installation system: top result for CLASSEN megaloc aqua protect in the NALFA test

CLASSEN laminate flooring with the proven megaloc quick installation system is now even better protected against water penetration at the joints, even in damp rooms. Thanks to the new megaloc-aqua-protect technology, the flooring withstands frequent cleaning or even standing liquids with excellent results in the NALFA test. 

The NALFA test is a standardised test method of the North American Laminate Flooring Association (NALFA). The test measures how laminate flooring behaves when installed with the surface exposed to standing water for 24 hours. Before and after this time, the surface is measured at four different positions of the interconnected laminate planks and the visual and haptic changes at the panel edges are recorded and evaluated.

Excellent results in the NALFA test

The NALFA test of CLASSEN laminate flooring with megaloc aqua protect was carried out by the independent "Entwicklungs- und Prüflabor Holztechnologie GmbH (EPH)" from Dresden. And these are the excellent results:

  • NALFA requires that the laminate must not swell by more than 0.3 millimetres on average after 24 hours of water exposure of the surface. The EPH certifies that the megaloc-aqua-protect laminate has only changed its surface by less than 0.03 millimetres.
  • In addition, the NALFA test requires a qualitative evaluation of the swelling behaviour of the surface after 24 hours of re-drying, whereby five classes are distinguished. The rating of the CLASSEN megaloc-aqua-protect laminate flooring is the best possible rating class 1 according to EPH. With these results, the CLASSEN product performs significantly better than water-resistant laminate flooring from competitors.

Eberhard Herrmann, head of the Technology and Testing Centre and product developer at CLASSEN in Baruth (Brandenburg): "We are proud of the result in the NALFA test for our laminate flooring with megaloc aqua protect. Not only is our laminate easy to install as usual, it has also become even more robust and durable in everyday use. It's no problem if something gets spilt in the kitchen or the dog shakes himself in the hallway after walking in the rain. With megaloc aqua protect, our floor can take it."

How megaloc aqua protect from CLASSEN works

Which technologies are responsible for the excellent, water-resistant property of the CLASSEN megaloc-aqua-protect laminate floor?

  1. The main target for water on laminate floors are the joints between two panels. Penetrating moisture thus often causes the core boards to swell. The edges of the individual CLASSEN megaloc-aqua-protect laminate planks are therefore treated with an all-round edge hydrophobic coating to prevent water from penetrating the core board.
  2. The angled bevels of the joints on the surface are colour-coordinated with the decor picture.
  3. The bevels overlap each other so that the vertical joint opening is invisible and additional protection against penetrating water and dirt is provided.
  4. The permanent friction-locked connection of the respective laminate planks consists of a very tight joint. Although the planks are easy to join together, there are no gaps after installation, which means that water cannot penetrate.
  5. A swell-tempered HDF board is used as the substrate material, which also greatly reduces edge swelling.

The megaloc-aqua-protect laminate floors are available immediately from CLASSEN's trade partners.

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